Leveling 01 – 60


  • Only Handmade
  • All collected items, equips and gold (100-400) will be left to you
  • No exploit, no abuse, no bots, only normal game mode
  • FREE!!! 60% Mount




Here you can buy any Leveling in WoW classic, which will be released on August 27, 2019. Many players remember what a difficult pumping was in WoW classic. The average player leveling one character took a month and a half will agree, by today’s standards, the flow is forever. Therefore, we have prepared for you a service for leveling in WoW Classic. You can choose not only the range of pumped levels, but also the pumping time.

Additional advantages:

  • You will receive a pumped character to the level you ordered.
  • You will receive gold, equipment and other items dropped to you during pumping.
  • We will open you many points of flights depending on the chosen level of pumping.

Additional information

Days to complete

14, 21, 28

Posted on: 22.07.2019Amanda Daimond

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