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Green and Blue equip at the end leveling
All the ITEMS your character collects
All the GOLD your character collects

no exploit, no abuse, no bots, only normal game system




Here you can buy any Leveling in WoW classic, which will be released on August 27, 2019. Many players remember what a difficult pumping was in WoW classic. The average player leveling one character took a month and a half will agree, by today’s standards, the flow is forever. Therefore, we have prepared for you a service for leveling in WoW Classic. You can choose not only the range of pumped levels, but also the pumping time.

Buying Leveling WoW classic with us, you get:

  • You will receive a pumped character to the level you ordered.
  • You will receive gold, equipment and other items dropped to you during pumping.
  • We will open you many points of flights depending on the chosen level of pumping.
  • Ordering an additional option 60% mount or 100% mount we will learn you the selected level of the rider to use the mount.

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28, 21, 16, 14, 12

Posted on: 22.07.2019Amanda Daimond

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