• ETERNAL PALACE HEROIC full raid run for your character
  • 430+ ILVL GEAR for your character (personal loot)
  • 8 BOSSES KILLED, including Azshara, on Heroic difficulty
  • AHEAD OF THE CURVE feat of strength for your character (can be earned just once)
  • Other ITEMS and GOLD collected by your character
  • All the GOLD your character collects
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Service Eternal Palace RAID full equipment will provide your character with a full set of equipment 415+ ilvl (when ordering normal mode), 430+ ilvl (when ordering heroic mode), 445+ ilvl (When ordering epoch-making mode) from the raid dungeon Eternal Palace. We guarantee you the receipt of all three existing Azeroth items of equipment (head, shoulders, body). In this RAID there will be no mounts, but there will be four new combat Pets, which is very important with the introduction of dungeons for Pets.

With the “Best Gear” option, you’ll get top-of-the-line gear in every slot. You can provide us with a list of items you need or trust our experienced raiders, and they will find you the best option of a set of armor of 13 items. You can not give your account in our hands, and personally take part in the passage of the RAID Eternal Palace, just select “Play yourself” and our boosters will gladly take in your team.

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Piloted, Selfplayed


Normal, Heroic

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