G.M.O.D Mount


We will farm High-Tinker-Mekkatorque boss in Battle for Dazar’alor raid until you get this mount;

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The battle of Dazar’alor became the second raid dungeon of the BFA add-on and will be available on January 23. In the RAID Battle for Dazar’alor, you can get three mounts: one for Glory of the raider Dazar’alor, the second with the final boss and the third β€” the G. M. O. D with the mechanics Maggiorata. How it will be mined mount G. M. O. D is not yet known, but most likely it will fall after killing the boss with a certain chance.

In any case, to get alone this mount will not work, and you will need a RAID group. And if the mount G. M. O. D can be obtained only in heroic or epochal mode, then you will need not just a RAID team, but a group of trained and experienced players. Finding such a RAID group is not so easy, especially if you have no progress in the previous RAID dungeon, because it is an indicator of your skill. But our team is always ready to help you and gather such a team, you can easily buy mount G. M. O. D. and add to his collection a sample of Goblin engineering.

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