Leveling: 110-120


  • 110-120 LEVEL BOOST WITHIN 3-6/12/48 HOURS (if chosen)
  • 110-120 LEVEL BOOST WITHIN 24 HOURS (default)
  • REPUTATION with factions obtained during the 120 Level Boost
  • All the GEAR your character collects during the 120 Level Boost
  • All the AZERITE your character collects during the 120 Level Boost
  • All the GOLD your character collects during the 120 Level Boost
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In Battle for Azerot will be a completely different pumping system, the two factions will begin their journey in separate territories. The complexity of tasks and monsters will depend on your level, so you can choose which location to start and which to move on. But in order to get to the enemy Islands will have to try. The rest of the pumping itself character in BFA will not be different from the previous additions, a lot of jobs and a lot of monsters that you have to destroy.

As with other add-ons, our team has prepared a character leveling service in the Battle of Azerot to help you quickly reach Leveling to 120. You are offered a choice of pumping speed of your character, as well as several related additional services that will make it easier for you to start the game in the new addition and save a lot of time. This service guarantees you that the pumping of your character WoW will begin as soon as the game servers are active after installing the add-on Battle for Azerot.

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3-6h Freehold (Can selfplayed), 12h, 24h, 48h

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