Operation: Mechagon


  • OPERATION: MECHAGON megadungeon cleared – 8/8 bosses killed
  • Up to 415+ iLVL GEAR for your character
  • GOLDTRANSMOG, and more collected by your character during the boost


The main feature of the Mechagon Dungeon is the ability to produce special punch cards, with which players will be able to customize the properties of the new accessory Pocket computing device (Pocket-Sized computing Device). Trinca players will get virtually scar after will start to do the story quests on the island Mechagon.

As Dungeon Mechagon will only be in mythic mode, some players may have difficulty completing especially if you have a poorly-dressed Twinkie. If you have any difficulties, you can use our help, buying a dungeon Mahagon.

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Posted on: 25.07.2019Amanda Daimond

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