DUNGEON: Mythic+ (10-15)


  • MYTHIC+ 10-15 completed
  • EPIC GEAR 410 ilvl from your Weekly Chest
  • MORE EPIC GEAR 400 ilvl from your Dungeon Chest
  • TITAN RESIDIUM obrained by your character
  • EXTRA LOOT traded to you by our players (if chosen)
  • IN TIME completion (if chosen)
  • All the other ITEMS your character collects
  • All the AZERITE your character collects
  • All the GOLD your character collects


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In addition, Battle for Azerot awaits us again farm dungeons with Mythic+, as this is a great way to get high-level equipment. As before, the dungeons are held in five people in the allotted time, difficulty levels also remained 15. You have exactly a week to try your hand at passing all levels of difficulty and at the end of the game week (on Wednesday after the restart of servers), you will receive a chest with a reward corresponding to the passed level of difficulty.

But unlike the previous add-on in BFA you have a chance to get from the chest not one, but two or three items of equipment (one guaranteed). The higher the level of difficulty will be passed, the better your reward. To get into the mythic + dungeon, one of your group members must have an Mythic key. To pass different levels of mythic + dungeons need to pump the key.

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10key, 11key, 12key, 13key, 14key, 15key


In timer, No timer

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