How it works

The Seller (WoWRise) is obligated to the following:

  • Do not transfer personal data of the buyer to anyone
  • Do not raise the prices specified in the lots for the goods if no additional options
  • Carry out orders within the agreed period in advance
  • To help the buyer with the choice, and to answer his questions
  • Provide regular customers with a system of discounts
  • Provide the client with the site rules
  • Refund in case of failure to fulfill the agreed order is made when all the rules of the site by the buyer
  • Inform the buyer when requesting the status of the service, inform the buyer in case of unforeseen circumstances during the order
  • Provide VPN to protect your account from the ban

The Buyer is obligated to the following:

  • Pay the full amount of the service before its full implementation
  • Do not enter the game when performing services without the agreed theme in advance
  • Provide full information to the operator WoWRise to perform the service
  • To abide by the rules WoWRise
  • Do not require a refund after the full performance of the service

The buyer has the following rights:

  • Request a stream (twitch) to monitor the performance of the service
  • To request a partial refund in case of incomplete execution of the order, or full refund in case of non-fulfillment of the order
  • Enter the account when the order is executed, provided that the customer has agreed with the operator in advance the time at which he needs to be in the account